Undercover Caravan Storage Geelong


Please note: Our storage facility is currently at full capacity and we are not able to take on any new customers at this stage.

Locked up for long periods in the open, the sun will fry your caravan just like an egg. It really is a valuable asset and deserves better.
At Undercover Caravan Storage Geelong there is a way to protect your van or boat when not in use which is, come to mention it, most of the time. Think about depreciation.

Undercover Caravan Storage Geelong will put your baby where she's
comfortable , SAFE and SECURE and at a rate you can handle. No fried eggs here.

Mostly our customers like to ensure their spot is available when they return and book yearly ahead accordingly. This is the most economical way for you but other shorter arrangements are acceptable. We can also store in the open if required.


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Benefits of storing your caravan with Undercover Caravan Storage Geelong

Family run business || Convenient rural location || Your prized possession is stored undercover protected from the elements || The storage location is secure, with the owner on site 24/7

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